120W IP67 KNX LED Drivers with PWM Output

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ADM stocks the MEAN WELL PWM-120-KN series of KNX LED drivers. 


Like all models within the MEAN WELL PWM series, these LED drivers have a PWM output for even dimming, regardless of the load on the LED driver.  

Ordering information: 

Part Number

Ouptut Voltage

Power Output


12V DC



24V DC 120 WATTS


They also have an IP67 ingress protection rating, so they are resistant to moisture ingress. If you wish to mount these outside, please be aware that the plastic casing in not UV stablised.  

No LED driver should be mounted in direct sunlight, as this could cause the temperature inside the driver to increase beyond its maximum temperature rating. This has the potential to cause a failure, that would not be covered by the warranty.  

The benefit of using a LED driver with a built in KNX interface is that the need for a DALI ~ KNX gateway is eliminated. This results in a lower cost installation, by reducing the number of components required.  

The MEAN WELL PWM series KNX LED drivers can dim to 0.01% and have a user changeable frequency of up to 4kHz for low flicker operation for IEEE1789-2015 & EU Ecodesign Stroboscopic Visibility Measure (SVM) requirements. 

All models come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

Please contact ADM for further information. 

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6 August 2021