ADM Expands the Stocked Range of Non-Standard Constant Voltage LED Drivers

MEAN WELL LED Drivers in Stock

When it comes to constant voltage LED drivers, 12V and 24V are considered the standard.  

However, there are many applications that require a non-standard voltage. Therefore, ADM has expanded our range of MEAN WELL constant voltage LED drivers to include voltages other than 12V and 24V. 

We will primarily concentrate on the ‘AB’ models available within the ELG and HLG series, which have the built-in voltage and current adjustment and MEAN WELL’s 3-in-1 dimming. 3-in-1 dimming models are compatible with 1-10V (0-10V on some models), PWM, and resistance based dimming controllers. 



The reason we are concentrating on the AB models, is that they can be used by customers who want a fixed output driver, customers who need a dimmable driver, and customers who need to trim either the output voltage or current.  

There are a few instances where we will offer more than just the AB models.  

MEAN WELL’s ELG and HLG constant voltage LED drivers can also be used in constant current mode. These are a great solution when you need a LED driver with a high constant current output. The range varies from 0.75A output to 40A.  

When selecting a LED driver to use in constant current mode, it is important to ensure the output voltage range of the driver matches the requirement of the LEDs or luminaire.  

If you would like assistance in selecting a suitable LED driver, please do not hesitate to contact ADM. A member or our expert team will gladly answer any questions you may have.  

16 February 2021