ADM Now Stocks MEAN WELL’s Best Priced LED Drivers

MEAN WELL APV Series Low Cost LED Drivers

ADM has recently had the MEAN WELL APV-8E series LED driver approved and certified for sale in Australia.  

We already have stock on the shelf of the standard model, with a 150mm AC input cable and no plug. This model is very economical with the 1+ wholesale price coming in at less than $10 (ex GST).  

We will also be stocking the APV-8E with a flex and plug, which will cost slightly more for the added convenience. 

This means we can cater for a multitude of projects, including those that are cost sensitive and those that require a quick and convenient installation.  

There are two output voltage options available: 


Output V / A

Power Output

AC Input Type 


12V / 0.67A

8.04W 150mm AC cable, bare wires


12V / 0.67A 8.04W 1m AU flex & plug


24V / 0.34A 8.16W 150mm AC cable, bare wires


24V / 0.34A 8.16W 1m AU flex & plug

150mm AC input cable, bare wires 
With Australian flex and plug (1m) 


Reliability of LED Drivers

Although the APV-8E series LED drivers are extremely cost effective, they still give you the high level of reliability that you would expect from a MEAN WELL LED driver.  

You no longer need to take the risk of buying an unknown brand to bring your project in on budget.  

Click HERE if you would like to speak to a member of our expert team, or to send us an email about these LED drivers. 

If you prefer to browse ADM’s range of LED drivers please click on the following link: 

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1 November 2019