ADM Offers Solutions to Unusual Lighting Applications

Solutions to unusual lighting applications

If you are trying to solve an unusual lighting problem, then call ADM on 1300 236 467.

ADM has access to a wide range of LED lighting control products, including some that may not be quite so familiar.  We have been able to assist many customers in offering a solution to a problem that had seemed to be insurmountable.  

For example, we were recently contacted by a company who is trialing a unique lighting concept in the city of Melbourne. The new lighting has a specific public safety application which will ultimately result in less accidents and injuries. 

The solution involved the use of a relay, an astrological timer and a basic circuit to control the brightness during daytime and at night. The solution needed to be robust and reliable, so a MEAN WELL LED driver was selected, along with other components from globally reputable brands. 

ADM’s technical team suggested that the customer use these components and demonstrated how it could be incorporated into the design, so that the output of the LED lights was maintained at the optimum level. 

It should be noted that ADM does not offer a full LED lighting design service. Our expertise is LED power and lighting control. If you are looking for a complete design solution, we can put you in touch with one of our partners, who are fully qualified to offer such a service. 

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1 November 2019