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ADM stocks a wide range of MEAN WELL constant current LED drivers that are IP rated to protect against dust and moisture ingress.In terms of power output, we stock models with ratings ranging from 75 Watts to 240 Watts.

The lowest output current available is 350mA (some models can be adjusted down to 125mA) and the highest is 2100mA. So, we are confident that we will have a constant current LED driver in stock for most applications. 

Our stock range is focused on the MEAN WELL ELG series.  

Stocked MEAN WELL ELG-C Constant Current LED Drivers 

MEAN WELL ELG-240-C Constant Current LED Driver
MEAN WELL ELG Constant Current LED Driver



Current Output Options


350mA (107~214V), 500mA (75~150V), 700mA (53~107V), 1050mA (35~71V), 1400mA (27~54V)


350mA (143~286V), 500mA (100~200V), 700mA (71~143V), 1050mA (48~95V), 1400mA (35~72V)


500mA (150~300V), 700mA (107~214V), 1050mA (72~143V), 1400mA (54~107V), 2100mA (36~72V)


700mA (142~286V), 1050mA (95~190V), 1400mA (71~142V), 1750mA (57~114V), 2100mA (48~96V)


700mA (172~343V), 1050mA (114~228V), 1400mA (86~171V), 1750mA (69~137V), 2100mA (57~115V)


MEAN WELL LED Drivers with High Output Current 

Many high-powered lighting applications, such as stadium lighting or street lighting calls for a constant current LED driver that has a high output current. 

The MEAN WELL ELG and some of the HLG series constant voltage LED drivers can meet this demand, when operated in constant current mode. 

This gives you a very wide selection of constant current LED drivers to choose from. 

Within this range there are current outputs from as low as 0.45A right up to 40 Amps! 

Using the Mean Well HLG-H and ELG Constant Voltage LED Drivers in Constant Current Mode 

MEAN WELL HLG-600H Constant Voltage LED Driver
MEAN WELL HLG-600H Constant Voltage LED Driver


First, select a model where the maximum current output shown in the data sheet is the actual current you need to drive your LED light fittings. 

Once the load on the LED driver reaches the top of its current range, it will ‘clamp’ the current output and adopt the behavior of a constant current LED driver.  Meaning it will now vary the voltage to maintain the ‘clamped’ current output. 

If a model with the required maximum current output is not available, a model with an 'A’ or ‘AB’ suffix in the part number should be considered. This is an adjustable model. 

The adjustable models have built in potentiometers, which allow you to adjust both the voltage and current outputs. There are some HLG models where only the current can be adjusted. The product data sheet will specify the range of current adjustment available – usually down to 50% of the maximum rating. 

Depending on the quantity involved the current output of the LED driver can be pre-set prior to shipping. 

Dust and Moisture Protection 

In most cases the HLG and ELG LED drivers have an IP67 ingress protection rating. Many of the adjustable models are rated IP65. Both offer good protection against moisture and dust ingress. 

They also feature a rugged metal housing, which will protect the LED driver from knocks and bumps. This is extremely useful if the LED driver is going to be mounted in a public area. 

Reliability of Constant Current LED Drivers 

Of course, reliability is a major concern, especially with projects such as stadium lighting and street lighting. Particularly as the cost of getting an electrician to site can be quite costly. If a venue or location must be closed for maintenance things can start getting expensive, not to mention the cost of getting equipment such as scissor lifts to site. 

You can be confident that when you select a MEAN WELL LED driver, you are buying a highly reliable LED driver. The HLG-H series LED drivers are backed by a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty and the ELG series has a 5-year warranty. 

That’s not all, MEAN WELL also publish the meantime between failure (MTBF) data in the product data sheets. 

There are many new LED driver manufacturers out there offering very long warranty periods. Remember, these are only any good to you if the company is still trading when you need to make a claim against that warranty. It is easy for a warranty period to be used as a marketing tool, rather than a genuine offer of service. 

Further Information and Purchasing 

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9 August 2021