Easy to Install Bluetooth Lighting Control for Dimmable Light Fittings

Hytronik Bluetooth Intelligent Lighting Control
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Hytronik's Bluetooth modules allow you to install, or retrofit Bluetooth control of lighting without the need for an expensive central controller.

There are four modules within the range, all stocked by ADM:

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Bluetooth TRIAC Wireless Dimming Module


Bluetooth DALI Wireless Dimming Module


Bluetooth 1-10V Wireless Dimming Module


Bluetooth On / Off Only Wireless Module

The Hytronik TRIAC dimming modules are controlled via Bluetooth app.

Hytronik HBTD8200T Bluetooth TRIAC Dimming Module

These modules feature Bluetooth 4 wireless mesh so they can be set up to work in groups, bringing up lights and dimming them down again via the app (except for the HBTD8200S, which only offers on/off switching).  Alternatively, two inputs for wired momentary switch inputs (Push-to-Make) or occupancy sensors are available to enable the daily operation of the wirelessly connected lights without the need for the App.

The app can also be used to set up groups of lights that can be controlled in unison, and to program  you can create different ‘scenes’ according the task, such as “reading”, dining”, “relax” etc., or apply the scheduling function to automate switching patterns based around your day.  There is also a very handy holiday mode, so your home still looks lived in, whilst you are away.

The HBTD8200V is rated at 200 WATTS, so can be used with many light fittings that you would find in a domestic, or commercial setting, this includes most of the Power Source phase cut dimmable LED drivers stocked by ADM.

The beauty of this solution is that no additional wiring is required. You simply replace the existing dimmer (or light) switches with one of these modules.

In the meantime, for further information please call ADM on 1300 236 467.

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25 June 2020