How Hytronik Daylight Harvesting Sensors Reduce Energy Costs

Daylight harvesting control solution

Ambient (natural) light can be used to reduce energy costs in the workplace. 

Hytronik’s DS02 and DS02/FM daylight harvesting sensors allow you to control the supplementation of  natural light with artificial (LED) lighting, to give the right amount of illumination on the work surface. 

How Hytronik’s Daylight Harvesting Sensors Work 

The operating principle of Hytronik’s daylight harvesting sensors is simple. 

The desired lux level is set on the DS02, or DS02/FM sensor via a potentiometer or a DIP switch. The sensor will then adjust the LED driver accordingly, via the 1-10V dimming output. 

The following diagram depicts how the LED lighting levels will be adjusted in accordance with the availability of natural light. The red line depicts the LED lighting output and the yellow line shows the availability of natural light. The greyed area shows the Energy Saving Zone. 

Operation of Hytronik Daylight Harvesting Sensors

When there is little or no natural light before the sun rises, the LED lighting will be set to the desired lux level to provide all the required light.  When the sun rises, the LED lighting will be dimmed progressively until the natural light exceeds the desired lux level, at which point the LED lighting will turn off.  As the availability of natural light decreases further into the day, the LED lighting will switch back on and the levels will be progressively increased.  

To maximise the cost savings, it is recommended that you set the maximum light output to be greater than the desired lux level, as shown in the above diagram.   

If the maximum light output is less than the desired lux level, energy cost savings are still achieved, but the Energy Saving Zone is not as large, as shown in the diagram below. 

Daylight harvesting sensor operation with incorrect maximum lighting level

Hytronik DS02 & DS02/FM Daylight Harvest Sensors 

The DS02 comes in two styles; the clip version to mount directly to a linear tube or the DS02/FM version, which is flush mountable for installation in false ceilings. 

The DS02 does not require a power supply as it derives its power for the 1-10 Volt dimming directly from the LED driver, simplifying new or retro-fit installation. 

Hytronik DS02
Hytronik DS02 FM

ADM can provide advice and product recommendation to realise energy savings using daylight sensors to maintain the right amount of light on your work space. 

Call ADM on 1300 236 467. A member of our expert team will galdly answer any questions that you may have. 

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1 November 2019