Hytronik PIR & Microwave Motion Sensors in Stock


ADM stocks a wide range of PIR & Microwave motion sensors for use in intelligent lighting control applications.  

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Hytronik Intelligent Lighting Control 

Our range includes the following types of sensor: 

  • PIR Sensors (Passive infrared) 
  • Microwave Sensors 
  • Combined PIR & Microwave Sensors (Dual Sense) 

Each type of sensor offers different benefits and the one that you use will depend mainly on the application at hand. 

PIR (Passive Infrared Sensors) 

PIR sensors are good for detecting motion moving from left to right across the sensor’s field.  

They sensors do not pick up motion on the other side of walls or other physical objects. They tend not to pick up motion from an object that doesn’t have a heat source. They can also be falsely triggered by a heat source, such as an air conditioner, smoke, etc. 

The following diagram depicts the typical behaviour of a PIR only type sensor: 

Behaviour of  PIR  sensor


Microwave Motion Sensors 

Microwave motion sensors are sensitive to radial movement. This means that they are much better at picking up motion that is moving towards, and away from the sensor.  

They are very sensitive to minor motion, and the microwave signal can be reflected by objects allowing them to cover a larger area.  

Microwave sensors are not triggered by heat sources.  

However, they can sense objects moving on the other side of a wall and they may be falsely triggered by the microwaves being reflected back off of metal surfaces.  

Behaviour of microwave motion sensors


Combined PIR & Microwave Sensors 

Combined PIR & Microwave motion sensors allow you to make the most of both worlds.  

Using a DIP switch on the sensor you can set the sensor to operate in one of four modes: 

  1. Microwave detection only 
  2. PIR detection only 
  3. Microwave & PIR detection 
  4. Microwave or PIR detection 
Settings on a combined PIR and microwave sensor
DIP Switch Settings


When the third option is selected, there must be positive detection of motion by both the PIR and Microwave sensors, as well as insufficient light for the sensor to react.  This eliminates false triggers that can occur, for example, in a warehouse environment with narrow aisles where someone moving in an adjacent aisle will trigger the sensor in an empty aisle.    

Using a Dual Sense occupancy sensor in this situation will reduce needless energy costs. 

Motion Sensor Control Options 

As well as simple on/off models, Hytronik also offer a range of microwave motion sensors with integrated control technology, which enables them to be used with the most common dimming technlogies including TRIAC dimmers, 1-10VDC dimmers and DALI based lighting control systems. 

Sensors are also available for specific applications such as daylight harvesting and smart corridor lighting. These can monitor the available ambient light levels and control the power to the LEDs accordingly. Smart corridor sensors illuminate only the zones that are occupied and the adjacent zones. The brightness of the LEDs can be increased as a person approaches a zone and decreased as they move away. This results in considerable energy savings as areas are only lit when required.


Three different mounting options are offered: 


This is by far the most popular mounting option. The sensor simply clamps on to the light fitting and has a hinge to adjust its orientation towards on the target zone. 

Clamp Mount Daylight Harvesting Sensor


The sensor can be mounted on any flush surface, such as a ceiling.

Surface / Ceiling Mount Daylight Harvesting Sensor


This type of sensor can be mounted through a 20mm hole, or onto a 20mm conduit. 

Conduit Mount Daylight Harvesting Sensor

ADM's range of Hytonik motion sensors and controllers give you a straightforward solution for delivering a wide range of smart and intelligent lighting control solutions, which reduce energy costs and deliver LED lighting systems that have a lower impact on our environment. 

Hytronik’s motion sensors can be easily used in conjunction with many of MEAN WELL’s and Power Source’s LED drivers to provide a highly reliable and efficient LED lighting solution. 

For further information on Hytronik motion sensors contact ADM. A member of our expert team will gladly answer any questions that you may have. 

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20 August 2021