New HEP Linear LED Drivers in Stock

New Product ADM

ADM now stock the HEP LAV series linear LED drivers.  

These LED drivers are ideal for installing inside extrusions, due to their narrow design.  

There are four different power outputs available: 30 Watts, 60 Watts, 100 Watts and 150 Watts. All models have a 24VDC output.  

You can browse the product range on this website by clicking on the following link:

Linear LED Drivers

HEP Range of Linear LED Drivers

Models are available with either 1-10V dimming, or a no dimming.  

The HEP LAV series LED drivers were deigned in Germany, which means they are built to a high standard and are very reliable.  The AC and DC terminals are easy to access, so they can be installed into a luminaire quickly. The mounting points are along the centre line. 

HEP manufacture their LED drivers in China, which means they are also highly cost effective. 

It should be stressed that these LED drivers can only be used inside a finished luminaire, they are not to be be used as an inline LED driver between a 240AC power point and LED light fitting.  

The HEP LAV LED drivers come with a 3-year warranty. 

HEP LED Drivers Australia

1 November 2019