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ADM stocks a compehensive range of AC phase cut dimmable constant voltage LED drivers.

These LED drivers are compatible with most of the dimmer switches that are commonly used in Australia.

You can download the dimmer switch compatibaility chart by clicking HERE.

This eliminates the need to replace the existing dimmer switch with a different type of dimmer and avoids the need to install additional wiring. 

Product Range

ADM stocks two different families of phase cut dimmable constant voltage LED drivers.

  • IP66 Rugged phase cut Dimmable LED Drivers
  • IP20 Indoor phase cut Dimmable LED Drivers

IP66 Rugged Phase Cut Dimmable LED Drivers

There are TEN different models available:

Model Number

Voltage Current Output

Power Output


12V / 8.33A



24V / 4.16A 100W


12V / 12.5A 150W


24V / 6.25A 150W


12V / 16.6A 200W


24V / 8.3A 200W


12V / 25A 300W


24V / 12.5A 300W


12V / 30A 360W


24V / 15A 360W

The IP66 rating makes them suitable for use in outdoor applications, as they are resistant to moisture and dust ingress.

The operating temperature range of these LED drivers is -40 ~ +60℃.  

As with all outdoor LED drivers, these should not be mounted in direct sunlight, as this will cause the temperature in the LED driver to exceed the maximum operating temperature range.

IP20 Indoor Phase Cut Dimmable LED Drivers

ADM stocks 30-Watt and 75-Watt indoor phase cut dimmable LED drivers. These are available with either a 12V, or 24V output, as detailed in the below table:


Voltage / Current Output

Power Output


12V / 2.5A



24V / 1.25A 30W


12V / 6.25A 75W


24V / 3.125A 75W


PWM Output

All of the above LED drivers have a PWM output. This ensures that your LEDs dim evenly, regardless of the load on the LED driver.

Flex and Plug

All AC phase cut dimmable LED drivers stocked by ADM will have a factory fitted 1m Flex and Plug.

Australian Approvals

Customers, who already purchase LED drivers from ADM will know that we only stock LED drivers with Australian approvals. This applies to our new range of phase cut dimmable LED drivers.

Testing & ADM’s Standards

Finding a good quality product has been challenging. Over the past couple of years ADM has sampled and tested phase cut dimmable LED drivers from a number of different manufacturers, but none had ever performed to an acceptable level.

Until Now!

Earlier this year, ADM commenced testing a range of phase cut dimmable LED drivers that looked promising from the outset. Over the past few months we have conducted vigorous testing using various different leading edge and trailing edge dimmers.

This involved ADM constructing our own test apparatus and trialling the dimming performance of the LED drivers under varying types of loads.

This range of LED drivers performed very well, meeting ADM’s high expectations for performance and quality.


All Power Source phase cut dimmable LED drivers supplied by ADM will carry a 5-year warranty.

Further Information

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact ADM on 1300 236 467.

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1 November 2019