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The Krobox range of multi-dimming technology LED drivers are perfect for original equipment manufacturers, who are looking for a single LED driver that can be used with different types of luminaires and dimming controllers.  

Krobox LED drivers have a configurable output. You simply set the DIP switches to give you the desired output range.  

The below table is taken from the data sheet of a Krobox LED driver. If you look along the first line you can see that at this setting the output current and voltage varies according to the type of LED module being powered. The different LED module types are shown at the bottom of the table. 

Krobox LED driver output settngs

ADM has 6 different models of Krobox LED drivers in stock, as shown below: 

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Output Options 



8 Settings 0.16~0.52mA / 26~42V

Phase cut, 0-10V, Resistance 


8 Settings 0.40~1.00mA / 26~40V Phase cut, 0-10V, Resistance 


4 Settings 0.08~0.36mA / 26~40V Phase cut, 0-10V, Resistance 


8 Settings 0.08~0.33mA / 26~42V  Phase cut, 0-10V, Resistance 


8 Settings 0.08~0.33mA / 26~42V  DALI, Phase cut, 0-10V, Resistance

Models starting with L are a linear type and the models starting R are circular. 

Linear Type
Circular Type

Depending on the actual model ordered, a single Krobox LED driver can be dimmed via DALI systems, leading edge or trailing edge dimmers, 0-10V dimmers or simple resistance.  

One LED driver gives your luminaire compatibility with a wide range of different dimmers and control systems.  

The combination of a configurable output and multi-dimming compatibility means that lighting OEMs only need to carry one or two different LED drivers in stock to power many different models of luminaires. This helps reduce the both the cost of inventory and the risk of accumulating aged inventory. 

All Krobox LED drivers carry a 5-year warranty.  

For further information please do not hesitate to contact ADM on 1300 236 467. A member of our expert team will gladly answer any questions that you may have.  




1 November 2019