Creating Mood Lighting with Hytronik

Creating Mood Lighting

Hytronik allows you to easily create mood lighting with a warm atmosphere for both retrofit protects and new installations. 

When ambient light is available in offices, at home or in commercial spaces such as restaurants, an efficient way of energy saving, whilst maintaining the desired ambience is to control the light brightness in harmony with the available natural light. 

This is easily achieved by mounting a Hytronik DS02 daylight sensor above or near the selected area and connecting it to one or more 1 - 10V dimming LED drivers. 

Hytronik Daylight Sensors

The desired level of brightness within the space is set on DS02 by simply adjusting a potentiometer. 

As daylight is detected and increases, the DS02 progressively decreases brightness of the artificial light until sunshine provides all the light saving energy, see below diagram. 

Daylight and artificial light interaction

If required, the DS02 can be connected to a motion detector, which will turn the lighting off altogether if no motion is detected. 

The Hytronik DS02 is small in form factor making it unobtrusive. 

It comes in several mounting options: 

  • Through ceiling 

  • Surface mount 

  • Linear tube mounting clip 

  • Flush mount 

This flexibility makes it possible for the DS02 to be used in a wide range of installations, both new and retrofit. 

For further information please call ADM o 1300 236 467. 


12 September 2018