Duncan Meerding, Tasmania’s International Lighting Design Award Winner

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Looking at Duncan Meerding’s work, you would not be surprised that he recently won the Best Floor Light in the 2018 DARC (Decorative Lighting in Architecture) Awards.

What may surprise you is the fact that Duncan is legally blind with less than 5% vision concentrated around the peripheral fields.

Duncan Meerding’s Stump Light design won the floor category amongst entries from Lighting Designers from all over the world.

Stump Light by Duncan Meerding

Image by: Jan Dallas Photography

Winning the prize is all the more special, because of the way in which the award is judged.

Instead of the traditional exclusive small judging panel, the DARC awards are judged by a strictly vetted peer to peer system. Only lighting designers, interior designers and architects are allowed to vote. 

Duncan Meerding attended the London award evening on May 31 and accepted the award in person.

“With over 6000 industry professionals voting it was a particular honour to win this award; having so many of my peers voting for my Stump design in such an international voting system really makes me feel honoured”.

Duncan also attended the opening evenings of the Venice Design 2018 exhibition, as part of the Venice Biennale.

Duncan Meerding
Duncan Meerding

He was one of 60 designers invited to partake in the invite only exhibition, displaying a cross section of Design from various cultures from around the world. The exhibition will be on display at the European Cultural Centre in the Pallazzo Michiel on the Grand Canal for 6 months. The last edition of Venice Design had over 200,000 visitors. 

Much of Duncan Meerding’s work reflects the alternative sensory world in which he operates, with an interest in how light performs through and around objects.

The Stump Light is a specific example of this, with the randomised light patterns thrown through the different cracks in each light, concentrating on what the object is doing to the light as a key part of the design, dispersing and throwing light to the side.

Duncan Meerding Stump Light
Image by: Jan Dallas Photography

Duncan also has a strong connection with sustainability in design – all of his log-based designs are made from salvaged wood which would have other-wise have been burnt.

Another facet of Duncan’s ethos is not wanting to move with quick moving trends, but instead create designs, which will stand the test of time both metaphorically and physically.

“Sustainability should be at the core of the design process, it should not be tacked on at the end, furniture and lights should be designed to stand the test of time. Anything less is irresponsible and is bad design.”

These two major achievements for 2018 build upon the success of last year for Duncan Meerding’s design practise.

Last year Duncan exhibited in Milan for the first time, created work for the MACQ01 Hotel (Hobart), installed 5 custom human sized log lighting installations at the DEN Bar Salamanca (Hobart), had Stump lights used in Google’s new offices in Singapore and had further works used in projects in both Sweden and Denmark.

Duncan Meerding DEN Light
Image by: Jan Dallas Photography

ADM is proud to support Duncan with the supply of MEAN WELL drivers, which are used to power these impressive and sustainable artworks. 

ADM is Australia’s premier authorised distributor of MEAN WELL power supplies. For further information on MEAN WELL LED power supplies please call 1300 236 467.

You can browse and purchase Duncan’s lighting designs through his website:

8 August 2018