MEAN WELL Powers Electric Confetti Installation at Sugar Republic

LED neon sign power supplies

Last year ADM reported on the custom designed artwork produced by Electric Confetti.

At the heart of many of Electric Confetti’s designs is LED neon flex. You can read the original article by following the below link:


From June 22nd to July 24th members of the public can see Electric Confetti’s work for themselves.

Sugar Republic allows you to relive your childhood.

You can play in huge grown-up ball pit, make yourself a soft serve ice-cream with sparkles and climb inside a gum ball machine. This is just a few of the activities on offer

Electric Confetti has constructed a 4m x 4m wall consisting of series of panels that are illuminated with LED neon flex, which will be installed at Sugar Republic.

The below image gives you an idea of what the artwork looks like, but there is no substitute for actually seeing the real thing.

Electric Confetti Neon Sign at Sugar Republic

One key element of an illuminated artwork is ensuring that it is reliable.

The artwork needs to be on the whole time Sugar Republic is open.

Close up of Electric Confetti installation at Sugar Republic

Therefore, Electric Confetti choose to use MEAN WELL LED power supplies. This is because they offer excellent reliability, whilst being very cost effective.

Electric Confetti is very conscious of ensuring all of their artwork installations are electrically safe. This is why they purchase from ADM.

All MEAN WELL power supplies stocked by ADM are fully compliant with Australia’s electrical safety regulations.

MEAN WELL is a global manufacturer of power supplies. Not all models produced by MEAN WELL carry Australian approvals. By buying from ADM Electric Confetti has peace of mind that their artworks are safe and compliant.

For further information on Electric Confetti’s artwork services please contact Electric Confetti using the below E-mail address:

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Call ADM on 1300 236 467 if you would like any information on MEAN WELL LED power supplies.

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14 November 2018