Sunricher DC Powered DALI RGBCW LED Controller
Part Number
Sunricher SR-2309PRO-5C
Product Description

Built-in DALI-2 interface.
DALI DT8 device.
Multi-addresses enabled DT8 control gear.
Multi-devices integrated into one.
DALI address manually assignable.
Can be set as different device types.
Single-address or multi-addresses.
5 Channels constant voltage output.
Controls 5 PWM outputs via DALI device (type 8).
Colour control as defined in the DALI specification device type 8.
Supports DT8 device commands.
Compatible with MEAN WELL DLC-02.
Configuration via DALI master USB interface.
Colour temp and RGB colour control can be set with momentary AC switch.
Multi-functional: Tc, RGBWAF, XY, 2*Tc, XY+Tc, RGB+Tc, XY+W (DT6).