New Product ADM

MEAN WELL has expanded their range of step-up DC to DC LED drivers by introducing two new series: 

New Product ADM

ADM is proud to announce that we are now stocking three new series of Power Source dimmable slimline LED drivers. 

MEAN WELL extend range of output currents on LCM-KN LED drivers
Product News

MEAN WELL has expanded the number of output current options on the LCM-40KN and LCM-60KN.  

Installation of MEAN WELL HLG and ELG ‘AB’ LED Drivers
Installation Advice

You may already be aware that ADM stocks a comprehensive range of the MEAN WELL HLG and ELG series LED drivers in our four warehouses around Australia. 

Reducing the Cost of Installing Constant LED Drivers
Installation Advice

If you are working on a lighting design or installation that involves the use of multiple constant current LED drivers, there could be a far more cost-effective method of powering the LEDs using DC to DC LED drivers.  

Dimmable LED drivers compatible with Clipsal Iconic universal dimmers

ADM has had many customers asking if we can supply a dimmable LED driver that would work well with the latest push button dimming switches.

High power DALI LED Drivers with PWM Output

ADM now stocks a range of high-power DALI dimmable LED drivers with PWM output from Power Source. 

MEAN WELL LED Drivers in Stock
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ADM stocks the MEAN WELL LCM series dimmable constant current LED drivers with selectable output current. 

New Product ADM

ADM stocks the MEAN WELL LCM series constant current LED drivers with built-in KNX interface.  

New Product ADM

ADM now stock the HEP LAV series linear LED drivers.  

MEAN WELL APV Series Low Cost LED Drivers

ADM has recently had the MEAN WELL APV-8E series LED driver approved and certified for sale in Australia.  

What does the AB suffix on a MEAN WELL LED driver mean?

Customers who are familiar with MEAN WELL’s HLG and ELG series LED drivers may have noticed that some models have an ‘AB’ suffix to the part number.

Microwave and PIR motion sensors

ADM stocks the Hytronik range of PIR & Microwave motion sensors for use in intelligent lighting control applications.  

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Solutions to unusual lighting applications

If you are trying to solve an unusual lighting problem, then call ADM on 1300 236 467.

Electrolytic capacitors in LED drivers

In 2008, MEAN WELL released their first LED driver, the CLG-150 series and took their first steps into the new and unknown LED lighting market.

Determining the correct LED voltage for constant current luminaires
Installation Advice

Selecting a LED driver with the correct forward voltage range is critical for LED luminaire designs, and when matching a constant current LED driver to a light fitting. 

Customising cables on MEAN WELL LED drivers
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ADM customers can request that the input and / or output cables on their MEAN WELL LED drivers be customised. 

Voltage drop across LED strip
Installation Advice

If you are using long lengths of LED strip in a project, you may find that the LED strip is brighter at one end than the other.  

MEAN WELL LED Drivers in Stock
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ADM STOCKS Hytronik’s emergency lighting LED drivers.