Daylight harvesting control solution

Ambient (natural) light can be used to reduce energy costs in the workplace. 

Product Change Notification

Customers buying the SDF-30 1-10V dimmer should note that this item is being replaced with part number D1-10.  


The MEAN WELL KAA-4R4V dimming actuator is a 4-channel device to dim and switch LED drivers via KNX systems. It has built-in high-quality independent latching relays, which can be used to turn on or off MEAN WELL LED drivers.  

When to use a constant power LED driver

In 2018 MEAN WELL released the first of their constant power LED drivers, the LDC series. The range has now been expanded to include the XLG series.

Dimmable LD Drivers

The term “TRIAC dimmable LED driver” tends to be used to refer to a LED driver that is compatible with leading edge, or trailing edge dimming switches.  

High Bay Occupancy and Motion Detectors for Energy Saving and Smart Lighting
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Hytronik is a leading manufacturer of high bay occupancy and motion detectors. 

TRIAC dimmable LED drivers compatible with Clipsal CBUS System
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ADM has successfully tested the Power Source PDV series LED drivers on a CBUS System with excellent dimming results.

Weatherproof connector for LED driver
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ADM stocks the MEAN WELL CJ04 series of weather proof connectors.

MEAN WELL LED Driver Trouble Shooting

The most common problems people encounter with MEAN WELL LED drivers are that they either appear to be dead, or there is a problem with dimming the LED lights.

Dimmable LD Drivers
Installation Advice

There is only one series of MEAN WELL Phase Cut dimmable LED driver that carries Australian Approvals.

Human Centric Lighting Control
Industry News

It has been relatively well understood for some time now that light influences our biological responses.

Application Guide to LED Drivers
Installation Advice

This white paper will guide you through the process of choosing a suitable LED power supply (LED driver) for your application and explain how to get the best out of you power supply.

LED Festoon Lights
Installation Advice

Christmas is fast approaching, and many organisations will be buying LED fairy lights and festoon lights to decorate their premises.

Hytronik Bluetooth Intelligent Lighting Control
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ADM is now stocking the new Hytronik Bluetooth module that can control light fittings that are normally dimmable with a traditional TRIAC style AC wall dimmer.

New Product ADM
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In some LED lighting applications, it is desirable to have a ‘quick connect’ system to make installation quicker and safer.

Creating Mood Lighting

Hytronik allows you to easily create mood lighting with a warm atmosphere for both retrofit protects and new installations. 

Hytronik integrated microwave and pir sensors
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The Hytronik HIM32 and Hytronik HIM34 are combined motion / daylight harvesting sensors, which have been designed for use with high-bay lights in retrofit applications and new installations.

MEAN WELL LED Drivers in Stock
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ADM stocks a compehensive range of AC phase cut dimmable constant voltage LED drivers.

Product News

MEAN WELL continues to expand its range of KNX products with the launch of the new KSI-01U KNX USB interface. 

DALI 2 LED Drivers
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MEAN WELL has started to release LED drivers, with the DALI 2 standard, as well as a DALI Bus power supply.