Sunricher Weatherproof Power Repeater / Amplifier
Part Number
Sunricher SR-3001(WP)
Product Description

The Sunricher SR-3001(WP) LED Power Repeater is designed to enhance the power output capabilities of all Sunricher's single-color and RGB controllers. It offers PWM control and enables the expansion of LED connections by up to threefold with the addition of just one more power repeater. Furthermore, there is no theoretical limit to the number of power repeaters that can be interconnected.

This versatile device allows you to seamlessly combine constant voltage and constant current power repeaters, simplifying the control of LEDs with varying voltage and power requirements. Whether you're working with different types of LEDs or expanding your lighting system, the Sunricher SR-3001(WP) LED Power Repeater offers unmatched flexibility and convenience.