How an Australian University Retrofitted LED Lighting to an Existing Control System


One of Australia’s top universities wanted to update their lighting to LED and to control it with an existing DALI system. The difficulty was that no access was permitted to the roof space.

ADM was contacted by a major electrical wholesaler, who was working on this project to see if we could offer a solution.  

The Hytronik HDD2200 and HDS2400 provided the perfect answer.  

DALI to TRIAC Dimming Converter 

Hytronik HDD2200
Hytronik HDD2200


The Hytronk HDD2200 takes the dimming signal from a DALI system and converts this into a “chopped” AC output, which will dim any light fitting that is TRIAC dimmable.  

This means that the HDD2200 can be used with many different types of luminaire, not just LED lighting.  

DALI On/Off Converter 

Hytronik HDS2400
Hytronik HDS2400


The Hytronik HDS2400 is a similar device, only it takes an on/off command from a DALI controller and switches the luminaire accordingly. 

Easy to Install Retrofit DALI Lighting Control 

What made these two DALI converters an attractive solution, was the fact that they could be incorporated into the luminaires.  

The university had numerous fluorescent lights and troffers that they wanted to convert to LED lighting, and each one of these could accommodate either an HDD2200 or HDS2400 as required.  

This meant no access to the roof space was required, which enabled the wholesaler to win the job and deliver the project.  

If you have a tricky lighting control project, why not contact ADM to see if we have a simple solution? It could be the difference between winning or losing a project.  

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6 August 2021