DALI On/Off Control for Existing Non-Dimmable Light Fittings

DALI Dimmable LED Drivers
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Hytronik has a remarkably easy solution for extending remote On/Off control of existing non-dimmable LED drivers, incandescent lighting, transformers or fluorescent ballasts in a DALI intelligent lighting system.

Hytronik HDS2400 DALI Switch

Hytronik HDS2400

The Hytronik HDS2400 DALI Switch has been designed for this very application.

 It has a low form factor, which makes it very easy to conceal.

It is perfect for retrofitting architecturally designed incandescent light fittings, which were custom designed to provide a specific type of light.

In many cases the existing light fittings create a mood, or atmosphere that is not always possible to replicated with modern lighting technology. If it were possible, it can also be very costly to re-design something that already exists.

Architectural lighting

The HDS2200 allows you to incorporate any existing light fitting that you wish to retain and remotely switch them on, or off via a DALI control system.

Installation is easy, just connect the DALI 2-wire bus leads to the HDS2400 switch and insert the switch between light fitting and mains wiring.

When upgrading and modernising a home or building with DALI lighting control, the HDS2400 saves on installation time and enables you to retain existing luminaires, which are irreplaceable.

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7 August 2018