DALI 2 LED Drivers
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MEAN WELL has started to release LED drivers, with the DALI 2 standard, as well as a DALI Bus power supply. 

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Looking at Duncan Meerding’s work, you would not be surprised that he recently won the Best Floor Light in the 2018 DARC (Decorative Lighting in Architecture) Awards.

New Product Release
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Hytronik’s DALI to trailing edge dimming interfaces allow you to control LED lighting, incandescent and halogen light bulbs via a DALI lighting control system, or a SwitchDim controller.

DALI Dimmable LED Drivers
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Hytronik has a remarkably easy solution for extending remote On/Off control of existing non-dimmable LED drivers, incandescent lighting, transformers or fluorescent ballasts in a DALI intelligent lighting system.