DALI to Trailing Edge Dimming Interfaces

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Hytronik’s DALI to trailing edge dimming interfaces allow you to control LED lighting, incandescent and halogen light bulbs via a DALI lighting control system, or a SwitchDim controller.

Trailing edge phase cut dimming is used for halogen lights and incandescent lamps, because it provides a soft start, which prevents an inrush of current, protecting the lights from thermal shock.

This prolongs the life of the light globe when dimming the light fitting.

SwitchDim to Trailing Edge Interface

Hytronik HD2200 Switchdim Dimming Interface

The Hytronik HD2200 can be used with a commercially available non-latching (momentary) wall switch. A short press toggles the light On or Off, a long press increases or decreases the brightness of the light fitting.

DALI to Trailing Edge Interface

The Hytronik HDD2200 converts DALI control signals and dims the light to the desired brightness level.

Hytronik HDD2200

This gives you a very convenient method of integrating existing luminaires into a modern home/building lighting automation system.

Both these trailing edge dimming interfaces have a form factor just larger than a match box, so they are easy to conceal. They are rated at 200 WATTS, so they are compatible with most of the Power Source TRIAC dimmable LED drivers stocked by ADM.

They save on installation costs and time, enabling cost effective Switch-Dim logic or DALI lighting dimming control of existing lighting installations.

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23 February 2021