AC Dimmable LED Drivers that are Compatible with a CBUS System

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ADM has successfully tested the Power Source PDV series LED drivers on a CBUS System with excellent dimming results.

The models we tested were the PDV-30-12 and PDV-360-12. 

Power Source PDV-30 LED Driver
Power Source PDV-30-12 LED Driver


Power Source PDV-360-12 LED Driver
Power Source PDV-360-12 LED Driver


Both LED drivers demonstrated even and smooth dimming down to 5% output, with no flicker. 

It should be noted that there are many different types of dimming modules available for a CBUS System and we have only tested one of them.  

It is important to consult a Qualified CBUS Installer before connecting any product to a CBUS System. 

The Power Source PDV series LED drivers have a constant voltage, PWM output and feature AC phase cut dimming. As well as being compatible with a CBUS system they are compatible with most of the dimmer switches that are commonly used in Australia. 

You can download the dimmer switch compatibility chart by clicking HERE

Product Range 

ADM stocks two different families of Phase Cut dimmable constant voltage LED drivers. 

  • IP66 Rugged Phase Cut Dimmable LED Drivers 

  • IP20 Indoor Phase Cut Dimmable LED Drivers 

Please click on the following link to browse our product range: 

Phase Cut Dimmable LED Drivers 

If you would like assistance in selecting a suitable LED driver for use with your lighting control system, please contact ADM. A member of our expert team will gladly answer any questions that you may have. 

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9 April 2024