Avoiding Voltage Drop Across LED Strip

Voltage drop across LED strip
Installation Advice

If you are using long lengths of LED strip in a project, you may find that the LED strip is brighter at one end than the other.  

This is caused by voltage drop across the length of the LED strip. 

The problem is more likely to be experienced with 12V, rather than 24V strip because you are starting with a much lower voltage (and higher currents) in the first place. 

All cables offer some level of resistance to electrical energy flowing through them. The longer the length of cable the greater the resistance. This includes the wire (or track) that carries the voltage along the LED strip. 

This means when using long runs of LED strip, the voltage ends up being lower at the end furthest away from the power supply, resulting in a lower level of brightness.  

There are two ways you can overcome this problem: 

  • Power the LED strip from the middle. 
  • Use more than one power supply. 

Powering the LED Strip from the Middle 

This solution is suitable for situations where you are experiencing only a slight voltage drop. It may not work for very long runs of LED strip, as you could still experience voltage drop along the two halves, due to them still being too long. 

Basically, you cut the length of LED strip in half and place the power supply in the middle. This reduces the maximum length of LED strip the voltage must travel along, reducing the effect of the voltage drop. 

Powering LED Strip from the middle

Use More than One Power Supply 

For very long runs of LED strip it will be necessary to cut it into shorter lengths and use more than one power supply. You can still install the power supply in the middle of the LED strip to reduce the total number of power supplies you may have to use. 

Using multiple power supplies with shorter lengths of led strip

If you have any problems powering LED strip, please do not hesitate to contact ADM on 1300 236 467. A member of our expert team will gladly discuss your installation to ensure the LED strip is powered correctly.  

25 November 2020