The Difference Between DT6 and DT8 DALI Control

DALI DT6 DT8 LED Control

ADM will soon be introducing new LED drivers to our product line that will be compatible with DT6 and DT8 DALI control gear.

MEAN WELL has already updated the firmware on their DLC-02 master controller and DLC-02 KNX ~ DALI gateway so that they are compatible with these two protocols. 

MEAN WELL DLC-02 DALI Master Controller


What is the Difference Between DT6 and DT8 DALI Control? 

DT6 Control  

A single short DALI address is used to control a single output.  

For example, if you wanted to control the dimming of a single LED driver that may be controlling one or more LED lighting fixtures. 

DT8 Control 

DT8 also uses a single short DALI address, but this time to control two or more outputs. 

This allows you to control both the colour temperature and brightness of an LED light fixture. 

These can often be controlled via other protocols. For example, using KNX via the MEAN WELL DLC-02 KNX ~ DALI gateway mentioned above. 

If you have any questions about DT6 and DT8, please do not hesitate to contact ADM

16 June 2022