DT8 DALI Control Enabled on MEAN WELL DLC-02

master DALI controller

MEAN WELL has upgraded the firmware on the DLC-02 master controller and the DLC-02KN DALI ~ KNX gateway.

The DLC-02 is cost-effective and features Full Master control with an incorporated DALI bus power supply, which eliminates the need to pay for extra components.  



Configuration is straightforward with easy-to-understand parameters for programming, which can be set done through the free downloadable software or a built-in web browser. Otherwise, basic parameters can be set using the buttons on the device.  

The DLC-02 can control 2 x 64 DALI or DALI-2 enabled devices such as MEAN WELL’s ELG, PWM and LCM series in either DALI or DALI-2. It will also accept inputs from up to 2 x 12 DALI or DALI-2 input devices such as sensors or switches. 

The DLC-02KN is a KNX to DALI2 gateway. It shares many features with the DLC-02 and can connect to a KNX system and control DALI compatible LED Drivers, including MEAN WELL’s LCM and PWM series DALI 2 LED drivers stocked by ADM 

The firmware upgrade means the DLC-02 and master controller is now compatible with DALI, DALI2, DT6 & DT8 LED control gear, including CCT and RGBW devices. 

The DLC-02-KN is now compatible with DALI, DALI2 & DT8 LED control gear, including CCT and RGBW devices.  

ADM already has stock of units that have been upgraded with the new firmware. 

For further information on this upgrade please contact ADM

4 July 2023