High Bay Occupancy and Motion Detectors for Energy Saving and Smart Lighting

High Bay Occupancy and Motion Detectors for Energy Saving and Smart Lighting
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Hytronik is a leading manufacturer of high bay occupancy and motion detectors. 

ADM's stocks a comprehenisve range of Hytronik devices such as high bay daylight sensors, PIR sensors and microwave sensors.  

We carry detectors and sensors for both brand new installations and retro-fit projects. Hytronik's solution is simple to install, making your high bay lights more energy efficient.

High bay lighting is used in a number of applications including: 

  • Warehouse lighting 
  • Stadium lighting 
  • Sports arena lighting 
  • Large box retail lighting 

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive.  

The biggest challenge with lighting such large areas is energy efficiency. Hytronik’s high bay occupancy and motion detectors enable you to easily install or retrofit an intelligent lighting control system, so that the high bay lights are only on when they are needed.  

Businesses, who are responsible for paying the power bills for lighting large spaces experience considerable reductions in their power bills, after a Hytronik detector-based control system has been installed. 

Hytronik’s range of high bay sensors include the following types: 

  • Occupancy sensors 
  • Motion sensors (both PIR & microwave) 
  • Daylight sensors 

The below table details the range of products available and their respective functions. 

Part Number / Link to Product Information

Sensor Type

Control Features

Dimming Function

Wireless (Master /Slave)


PIR & Microwave

Tri Level (Corridor) 1-10V No


PIR & Microwave Daylight Harvesting 1-10V No


PIR & Microwave Daylight Harvesting DALI No


PIR & Microwave Tri Level (Corridor) DALI No


PIR & Microwave Tri Level (Corridor) 1-10V Yes


PIR & Microwave Tri Level (Corridor) DALI Yes


Microwave Only

Daylight Sensing

1-10V No


Microwave Only Daylight Harvesting 1-10V No


Microwave Only Daylight Harvesting DALI  No


Microwave Only Tri Level (Corridor) DALI  No


Microwave Only Tri Level (Corridor) 1-10V Yes


Microwave Only Tri Level (Corridor) DALI Yes


Hytronik HIM Series Combined Microwave and PIR High Bay Sensors
Hytronik HIM3x high bay motion sensor with clamp fitting


Hytronik HMW Series Microwave High Bay Sensors
Hytronik HMW3x high bay motion sensor with clamp fitting


Motion Sensor Technology 

Hytronik’s high bay sensors incorporate either a microwave sensor, or a both a PIR sensor and a microwave sensor. Hytronik refer to this type of sensor as a ‘dual sense’ sensor.  

High bay PIR sensors are best suited for detecting motion across the sensing field, where as microwave sensors are excellent at picking up motion coming toward the sensing field.  

Different lenses are available to narrow the PIR sensors detection field. This helps to overcome problems, such as a sensor picking up motion in an adjacent aisle. 

Dimming Technologies 

The most commonly used dimming technologies in industrial lighting applications are DALI dimming and 1-10V dimming.  

Hytronik manufactures high bay sensors which are compatible with either one of these dimming technologies. 

High Bay Sensor Functions 

Hytronik has developed a range of sensors, which incorporate specific functions for different applications.  

High bay daylight harvesting sensors have an inbuilt daylight sensor. This monitors the amount of natural light available in the target area. If the level of natural light drops below a preset minimum level the high bay lights come on to supplement the available light. The brightness of the high bay lights is adjusted in accordance with the amount of available natural light. 

Hytronik also offers high bay sensor with a feature called Tri-Level control. This is basically corridor lighting control. If no one is in the target area the lights are off. Or they could be set to a low light level, which is particularly useful for security lighting applications.  If someone enters an adjacent zone the lights come on at a preset lighting level. When the person moves into the immediate zone the light switches to full brightness. After the person has left the lights remain on for a preset hold time, after which the light dims for a preset standby period or switches off. 

Remote Programming Setup of Sensor Functions 

One of the big advantages Hytronik high bays sensors give you is remote programming. This means that there is practically no cost involved if the sensor’s programming needs to be altered.  

Some other sensors require you to close off the immediate area so that a scissor lift can be brought in to access the sensor.  

Hytronik HRC-09

With Hytronik, you just point the remote control at the sensor and change its settings. If there is a power interruption the sensor always reverts to the last setting that was programmed. 

Wireless High Bay Sensors 

Hytronik offers a range of high bay sensors that include wireless RF communications. This eliminates the need for control wiring to be installed between fittings, making it easier and more cost effective to install the system. 

This type of sensor can be set up to act as both master and slave. This is very useful in corridor lighting control applications.  If a person has moved into an adjacent zone the sensor will act as a slave, reacting to the control signal coming from the sensor in the adjacent zone. Once the person is in the sensor’s target zone, the sensor will then behave as the master passing control signals to the slaves in adjacent zones. 

Different Mounting Options 

Three different mounting options are offered: 

Clamp Mount 

This is by far the most popular mounting option. The sensor simply clamps on to the light fitting and has a hinge to adjust its orientation towards on the target zone. 

Clamp Mount Daylight Harvesting Sensor

Surface Mount 

The sensor can be mounted on any flush surface, such as a ceiling.

Surface / Ceiling Mount Daylight Harvesting Sensor

Conduit Mount 

This type of sensor can be mounted through a 20mm hole, or onto a 20mm conduit. 

Conduit Mount Daylight Harvesting Sensor

Further Information 

Call ADM on 1300 236 467 for further information on the Hytronik range of high bay motion and occupancy sensors. A member of our expert team will gladly answer any questions that you may have. 

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25 November 2020