High Power DALI Dimmable LED Drivers with PWM Output


ADM stocks a range of high-power DALI dimmable LED drivers with PWM output from Power Source. 

The Power Source DDV series LED drivers fill a gap in our product range, as models are available with the following power outputs:  

  • 150 Watts 
  • 200 Watts 
  • 320 Watts 

ADM carries both a 12V and 24V version of each, which means that we now have a DALI dimmable LED driver with PWM output for most applications. 

Power Source DDV-320-24 DALI LED Driver
Power Source DDV-320-24 DALI LED Driver


Our stocked product range is as follows: 

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Output Voltage / Current

Power Output


12V / 26.67A



24V / 13.34 320W


12V / 16.67A 200W


24V / 8.34A 200W


12V / 12.5A 150W


24V / 6.25A 150W

All models have a rugged metal housing and an IP66 rating, so they can be used in outdoor applications.  

However, do not mount the LED driver in direct sunlight, as this could cause the temperature inside the LED driver to rise beyond its maximum rated operating temperature. As with all electronic devices, efficiency can drop in higher temperatures, so check the derating curve in the data sheet if you know the LED driver is expected to operate in a warm/hot environment.  

Power Source is a trusted LED driver brand and ADM has been selling the Power Source PDV series AC phase cut dimmable LED drivers for over a year. During this period, we have had no more than 2 units returned with a fault.  

Our experience has given us the same level of confidence in the Power Source brand as we have in MEAN WELL. 

The DDV series LED drivers have a 5-year warranty. 

Other DALI Dimmable LED Drivers with PWM Output 

For applications that require a DALI dimmable LED driver with a power output of 120 Watts or lower, we continue to offer the MEAN WELL PWM series LED drivers.  

MEAN WELL PWM-60 Series LED Driver
MEAN WELL PWM-60 Series LED Driver


These are available with power outputs of 120 Watts, 90 Watts and 60 Watts. The models we carry are listed below: 

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Ouptut Voltage / Current

Power Output


12V / 10A



24V / 5A 120W


12V / 7.5A 90W


24V / 3.75A 90W


12V / 5A 60W


24V / 2.5A 60W

The 60-Watt version is a recent addition from MEAN WELL and ADM received our first shipment in November 2019. 

Important – Australian Electrical Safety Certification 

ADM supplies Power Source and MEAN WELL LED drivers with the mandatory electrical safety certification required for installation in Australia.  

It should be noted that not all MEAN WELL PWM series LED drivers sold in the global marketplace carry Australian electrical safety certification. It is ADM who carries the certification for these models, not MEAN WELL, and a special version is produced by MEAN WELL for ADM that complies with our electrical safety laws.  

There is a difference in the markings on the global version of the MEAN WELL PWM LED drivers and the version stocked by ADM as shown in the below diagram. The ADM version shows the Australian regulatory compliance mark (RCM) in place of the US approval markings.  



Unlike the DDV series, the PWM series LED drivers have a plastic housing. This is not UV stabilised, so it is recommended that these LED drivers are not used in an environment, where exposure to sunlight is a possibility.  

The PWM series LED drivers are rated IP67, so offer a high level of water and dust ingress protection. 

As with the Power Source LED drivers, the MEAN WELL PWM series LED drivers also carry a 5-year warranty. 

Advantages of LED Drivers with PWM Output 

You may be asking why you would need a LED driver with a PWM output? 

The answer is that PWM LED drivers dim evenly regardless of the load on the LED driver.  

Many LED drivers, such as MEAN WELL’s HLG and ELG series dim your LEDs by varying the amplitude of the output current. This type of LED driver typically needs to be loaded to at least 90% of its maximum power rating to ensure that the dimming effect is smooth and even.  

If you only had a 50% load on an HLG series dimmable LED driver nothing would happen until you had turned the dimmer down past the 50% mark, after which point the light level would suddenly drop. It would be difficult for the user to set the desired light level.  

If you only have a 50% load on a LED driver with a PWM output, then it will dim evenly regardless of the load on the LED driver. One application where this is extremely useful is dimming LED strip, especially if it is being cut to length on site and the load on the LED driver ends up being lower than anticipated.  

Further Information on DALI LED Drivers with PWM Output 

For further information on Power Source and MEAN WELL LED drivers with PWM output, please contact ADM Systems

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15 April 2024