Home Automation that is Simple to Install

Home Automation that is Simple to Install

Vimar’s ByMe smart home automation system is far simpler to install than many of the home automation systems offered by familiar brands in Australia.

Common Problems with Home Automation Installation 

  • An accredited installer or integrator is needed for most systems, which makes them costly to install. 
  • A subscription fee is often payable for the programming software, adding to the cost of the installation. 
  • Not all systems are easy to scale up or upgrade, requiring extra hardware to integrate additional functionality into the system.  

Simpler, Cost-Effective Home Automation 

The Vimar ByMe home automation system is hugely scalable, making it suitable for small scale applications as well as a wide range of medium sized applications. 

While KNX is a great system for large scale commercial sized projects, the ByMe is well suited to small and medium scaled installations. 

Simple Smart Home Automation

No Requirement for Accredited Installer 

Vimar does not require installers to be accredited to install the ByMe system. This is probably because it is relatively simple to install compared to many other home automation systems. This is a contributing factor to the ByMe system being more cost effective, as the cost of acquiring accreditation is ultimately borne by the end user. 

Free Software Tools 

Installers don’t need to pay software subscription fees to access the tools needed to program the ByMe home automation system.  

The ByMe software also has clear simple to use app, which allows easy remote monitoring, control and some re-programming of the system. 

Many find the programming interfaces of other systems complex and difficult to learn. Therefore, valuable time is lost, and the cost of the installation increases due to the additional labour hours involved. 

Because ByMe is a single brand environment, identifying and adding devices is a straightforward process, you do not need to maintain libraries in your software for the components to work. 

Flexible System Interface 

The ByMe home automation system’s flexible interface allows seamless and sometimes automatic connection to other protocols, meaning it can be fitted into existing automation systems with little additional hardware needed.  

The straightforward interface automatically picks up a device. It is far easier to program, even for those more complex systems. 

For example, it can be integrated with existing KNX systems, which simplifies any upgrade projects. KNX devices can be used within the ByMe environment, such as the ITENSYS gateways, which are used by most HVAC brands. 

Cost Savings 

Compared to home automation systems from the more familiar brands, the ByMe system is a much more cost-effective solution which can save thousands of dollars. 

For example, the Vimar ByMe 01410 light version comes in under $800 (ex GST) and allows you to control up to 32 devices. The full version is around $1500, a considerable saving compared to other systems. 

Secure Home Automation 

At the end of the installation process the system can be handed over to the end customer, granting them independence from the integrator and peace of mind regarding any potential hacking attempts.  

The system is linked to the customer's user account, and they may need to grant access to an installer in the future. This is a significant advantage for certain customers, as it puts them in control of their own security. 

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16 February 2023