Installation of MEAN WELL HLG and ELG ‘AB’ LED Drivers

Installation of MEAN WELL HLG and ELG ‘AB’ LED Drivers
Installation Advice

You may already be aware that ADM stocks a comprehensive range of the MEAN WELL HLG and ELG series LED drivers in our four warehouses around Australia. 


One of the versions we commonly carry is the “AB” version. For example: ELG-150-24-AB-AUP


The AB version combines the ability to be able to trim the output voltage and output current with MEAN WELL’s 3-in-1 dimming.  

3-in1 dimming allows the LED driver to be controlled with 0-10V dimmers (1-10V on some models), via a PWM type controller, or by applying resistance. They can also be dimmed via DALI or push dimmers with the MEAN WELL DAP-04 DALI converter


If you do not want to use the dimming function on an AB version MEAN WELL LED driver, there is something you need to be aware of when installing it. 

The two dimming wires need to be isolated from each other. Otherwise if they touch, the LED driver will dim down to its lowest level. This is zero output on some models and 10% on others.  

The simplest way to do this is to cut the two dimming wires, so that they are flush with the end of the cable, and fit a Power Source EC-12-4 heat shrink end cap to the end of the cable to act as an insulator. When fitted correctly, these will give you an IP68 ingress protection rating.  

You can now install the LED driver, knowing that it will give 100% output.  

If you have any questions about installing MEAN WELL LED drivers, please do not hesitate to contact ADM on 1300 236 467. 

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22 May 2020