MEAN WELL Constant Voltage Linear LED Drivers

MEAN WELL Constant Voltage Linear LED Drivers

ADM has completed testing and certification of the MEAN WELL SLD series constant voltage linear LED drivers.

The SLD series LED drivers are low-cost non-dimming LED drivers. They are only 30mm wide and 16.8mm high, which makes them perfect for use inside signs, extrusions or troffers. 

MEAN WELL SLD-50 Series LED Driver


We are expecting stock to land in March 2022. 

There are two power output options:  

  • 50W 
  • 80W 

Both will be available with a 12V and 24V output. A 56V version is available as a special-order item.  

These LED drivers come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

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14 December 2021