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One of the biggest challenges with installing outdoor lighting is access to power.

Running a 240VAC power supply to various locations can be expensive and not always practical, especially if the project is an upgrade of an existing outdoor space.

The obvious and best solution is to use solar powered lights, such as the versatile Solar Bollard Lighting from AiiM Products, which is available through Gentech Lighting.

Gentech Lighting

A solar panel is used to charge a battery during the day. In the evening the battery supplies powers to the LED lights inside the bollard.

Solar Bollard LED Lights
Solar battery powered LED lights


Of course a LED driver is still required to take the DC power from the battery and to convert it the required constant current output that is required by the LED lights.

After testing a number of different DC to DC LED drivers, the MEAN WELL LDD-700HW was selected for the AiiM Products Solar Bollards. This is because they were the only LED drivers tested, which performed reliably under test conditions and continue to do so out in the field.


MEAN WELL DC to DC LED drivers are remarkably inexpensive and as well as MEAN WELL’s renowned reliability, you also get some of the really useful features that you find on MEAN WELL’s famous AC ~ DC LED drivers.

Mean Well LED driver


For example the LDD-H series LED drivers give you both remote ON/OFF control and dimming control via a PWM signal. This means you can easily control your outdoor lighting remotely.

The range of MEAN WELL DC to DC LED drivers offered by ADM includes Step-Up, Step- Down and Buck/Boost types.

Follow the below link to learn more about the MEAN WELL range of Buck and Boost LED drivers:

MEAN WELL Buck and Boost LED Drivers

If you have any questions about DC to DC LED drivers please do not hesitate to call ADM on 1300 236 467. A member of our expert team will gladly answer any questions that you may have.

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1 November 2019