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LightConSys LCS 100 LED Lighting Controller
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If you are looking for a cost effective, yet simple LED lighting controller then ADM has the answer!

The Light Control Systems LCS100 and the LCS55!

These amazingly simple programmable LED lighting controllers can be used with any MEAN WELL LED driver which features MEAN WELL’s patented 3-in-1 dimming technology.

Using the LCS100 and LCS55 is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3.

  1. Look up and enter IP address into your web browser.
  2. Synchronise your Laptop / PC’s time and date with the LCS100/LCS55.
  3. Set LED light levels and times.

Look up and enter IP into your web browser.

Connect your LAN cable to the LCS100’s LAN port, type the IP address into your web browser that is displayed on the LCS100’s LCD display panel and you’re ready to start.    

Enter IP address displayed on LCS100 into web browser

Synchronise your Laptop / PC’s time and date with the LCS100.

Give your LCS100/LCS55 device a name and if you wish enter a location, useful if you are using more than one.

Click the save button and your LCS100 will synchronise with your PC’s date and time.

Synchronising LighConSys LCS100 LED Light Controller

Set LED light levels and times.

Set the required light level and start / stop times and click ‘Run Program’.

There are 4 periods available for each output channel. All you do is set the required PWM dimming output level 100% ~ 10% and the start and stop times for each set.

Programming LightConSys LCS100

You can watch our useful video on how to set up the LCS100 & LCS55 by clicking on the following link:

Set Up Instruction Video for LCS Series Smart Ethernet Programmable Dimming Controllers

Other useful Things to Know

The units are designed to show smooth dim up and dim down.

There are 6 output channels, each of which controls up to three MEAN WELL 3-in-1 dimmable LED drivers.  So one LCS100 can control up to 18 MEAN WELL LED drivers.

You can also use a PIR motion sensor with the LCS100/LCS55 to activate your chosen channels should the PIR sensor detect movement.

Over a 24hr period you can select up to 4 light level settings per channel.

Your LCS100/LCS55 can also accept an input from a switch to override the program if required.

The LCS100 and LCS55 are also easy to install.

The following wiring diagram shows how you would connect a single MEAN WELL LED driver to each of the output channels:

LightConSys LCS100 Smart LED Controller Wiring diagram Single LED driver per channel

The following wiring diagram shows how multiple MEAN WELL LED drivers can be wired to a single output channel:

LightConSys LCS100 Smart LED Controller Wiring diagram multple LED driver per channel

Remember you can run up to three MEAN WELL LED drivers from each of the 6 outputs.

The Difference Between the LCS100 and the LCS55?

The LCS100 has an onboard LCD display and supports external RS485 devices. The LCS55 doesn't have these two features.

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19 May 2022