Single Brand Home Automation Security

Vimar by-me smart home automation

Vimar’s By-me Plus is a connected automation system based on a BUS paired cable and distributed logic.

For ultimate comfort and the highest efficiency, it gives the occupier or owner total control of lights, temperature, sound diffusion, curtains, and shutter automation, watering, energy management, and multi-zone thermoregulation. 

Another feature of By-me is that it is fully compatible with ELVOX video door entry systems. Vimar’s By-me gateways are provided with an app, which allows the same touchscreens to be used for answering callers at the door and to control the smart home. The user can even use that app on their phone to respond to the intercom. 

door entry system

System integrators can use the By-me gateway to connect the cameras to the By-me system, so that the touchscreens or the phone can access the live feed from the cameras.

Vimar 01410 Light Gateway
Vimar 01410 Gateway


The By-me can be used with most CCTV camera feeds. 

One key advantage of a single brand solution is that there is a single point of contact for technical assistance and purchasing. 

If you have any questions about Vimar’s smart building solutions, please do not hesitate to contact ADM Systems. A member of our team will gladly answer any questions that you may have. 

4 July 2023