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MEAN WELL LED Drivers in Stock
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ADM stocks the MEAN WELL LCM series dimmable constant current LED drivers with selectable output current. 

The wide output voltage range of each LED driver means that they can power just a few, or many LEDs.

MEAN WELL Series LCM LED Drivers

There are two different dimming types available, in three different power output options.   

Dimming Types 

  • 3-in-1 Dimming 
  • DALI / Push Dimming 

3-in1 Dimming 

MEAN WELL ’s unique 3-in-1 dimming function accepts a 0-10V input, a PWM signal, or can be dimmed by applying simple resistance. The LED driver automatically detects which type of signal your controller is using and dims accordingly. 

DALI / Push Dimming 

The DALI version can be controlled directly from a DALI lighting system, or a momentary push button. 

The below table shows how the LED driver will respond according to the type of input from the push button. 


Duration of Action


Short Push

0.1 ~ 1 second

On / Off

Long Push

1.5 ~ 10 seconds Dim up or down. Each separate long push changes the dimming direction


> 11 seconds Resets the light output to 100%

Power Options 

The LCM series constant current LED drivers are available in 25W, 40W and 60W models. 

Synchronised Control 

You can synchronise up to 10 LCM LED drivers, with one acting as the master and the other 9 as slaves. 

Selectable Output Current 

Choose from six different output current options from 350mA to 1400mA using the built in DIP switch. The wide output voltage range of each power supply will cover only a few or many LEDs.  

You can reduce your power supply stocks, yet the ability to sell your full range of light fittings. 

The LCM series LED driver is backed by a 3-year warranty. 

For further information call ADM on 1300 236 467.   

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1 November 2019