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ADM STOCKS Hytronik’s emergency lighting LED drivers. 

How Emergency Lighting LED Drivers Work 

Under normal conditions, the LED driver powers the emergency LED lights from the mains AC supply. At the same time the LED driver maintains full charge of a NiCd or NiMH battery. 

Should the mains power supply fail, the LED driver switches over to the battery and reduces the lux level for a regulation specified minimum length of time.  

On restoration of the AC power, the LED driver switches back to powering the emergency LED lightss from the mains power supply and recharges the battery. 

Emergency Lighting LED Drivers in Stock 

ADM stocks both the economy and combination versions of the Hytronik HEM09 series emergency lighting LED drivers.  You can browse the product range on this website by clicking on the following link:

Emergency Lighting LED Drivers

Hytronik HEM09-E (Economy model) 

Hytronik Emergency Lighting LED Drivers

This model has a selectable constant current output with the following options: 350mA, 500mA, 550mA, 700mA, 750mA and 900mA. The power output ranges between 19 and 30 WATTS depending on the output current selected.  

It will operate with a separate NiCd or NiMH 3.6V, 3AH / 1.0A battery and has a manual test switch to ensure that the battery is adequately charged, should it be required.  

The dimming time and light level are easily set via a DIP switch.  

The built- in Sensor-DIM function is designed to work with a simple on/off sensor to achieve tri-level (corridor) control. The on period during absence is controlled by an external sensor, such as Hytronik HC005S or HMW20. When the external sensor switches off, the Sensor-DIM circuit provides timed control of the dimming period and levels. 

Hytronik HEM09H-E (Economy model) 

This LED driver is the same as the HEM09-E, but with a higher output current range.  

The selectable output options are: 900mA, 1050mA, 1200mA and 1400mA. The power output ranges between 10 and 33 WATTS depending on the output current selected. 

HEM09 and HEM09-H 3-in 1 (Combination) 

Hytronik HEM09+SAM7 Emergency Lighting LED DRiver

The HEM09 3-in-1 combination models come complete with the Hytronik SAM7 detached microwave motion detector, daylight sensor and remote-control module.   They also have the same selectable constant current options that come with the HEM09 economy models. 

There are 3 settings of emergency power on mains failure with the 3-in-1 combo, 3W, 4W and 6W with optional Amp-hour battery capacities to provide these power levels for 180 minutes. 

The driver can be easily configured for tri-level (corridor function) control using the HRC-05 remote controller to program the microwave sensor detection range, hold time, daylight sensor lux level, standby time and standby dimming level.   


This enables the LED driver to perform as an intelligent lighting control driver as well as an emergency driver. 

HEM09 3-in-1 is also provided with the Switch-Dim facility to temporarily override the programmed settings using a momentary push switch. 

To comply with emergency lighting regulations, the HEM09 3-in-1 has a self-testing facility with an internal clock that can be programmed to perform routine testing. For example, a 3-minute functional test every month, and 3-hour functional test every 6 months.   

The LED driver is also provided with a manual test switch input to manually perform the monthly, 6 monthly and full duration test routines. 

For further information on LED drivers for emergency LED lights contact ADM on 1300 236 467. 

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6 December 2019