Using MR16 LED Globes with Dimmable LED Drivers

MR16 LED Globe

We have had some customers experiencing difficulties when trying to dim MR16 globes with a dimmable LED driver. Many MR16 globes on the market have been designed to be used as a replacement to a halogen globe in an existing light fitting.

These light fittings can be AC powered or use a linear type of transformer. This is the older type of AC to low voltage AC transformer with a steel core and copper windings.  

This type of MR16 globe has built-in electronics that allow it to be dimmed via the existing light fittings. These electronics are not compatible with the sort of electrical output that is delivered from most LED drivers.  

If you are working on a project with MR16 globes, you need to ensure that they are a type that are compatible with either a constant voltage or constant current LED driver.  

ADM can help you identify a suitable LED driver to work with MR16 globes that are compatible with either a constant current or constant voltage LED driver.  

Please do not hesitate to contact ADM for further information.  

17 June 2021