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The Krobox range of multi-dimming technology LED drivers are perfect for original equipment manufacturers, who are looking for a single LED driver that can be used with different types of luminaires and dimming controllers.  

Voltage drop across LED strip
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If you are using long lengths of LED strip in a project, you may find that the LED strip is brighter at one end than the other.  

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ADM is the Australian authorised distributor of Hytronik intelligent lighting solutions. Our wide range of stocked items includes Hytronik’s emergency lighting LED drivers. 

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One of the challenges in designing a lighting system is ensuring that you don’t have so many LED drivers on one circuit breaker, that the breaker trips when the LED drivers all start up at the same time.

DALI Dimmable LED Drivers
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ADM’s first delivery of MEAN WELL’s new 60-WATT DALI LED drivers with a PWM output will be arriving before the end of May 2019.