Smart car parking solution

Installing new or retrofitting intelligent energy saving car park lighting could not be easier with Hytronik.

MEAN WELL LED Drivers in Stock
Industry News

ADM recently took delivery of our first shipment of the new MEAN WELL ELG-200 and ELG-240 LED drivers.

MEAN WELL APV Series Low Cost LED Drivers
Product News

The MEAN WELL APV series LED drivers are a low cost, low power LED driver for indoor applications.

Voltage drop LED drivers
Installation Advice

By its own definition constant voltage LED lighting requires a specific supply voltage that remains constant.

LED neon lighting
Industry News

One of the more unique applications we see for MEAN WELL power supplies is in the field of the arts.

MEAN WELL dimmable LED drivers with adjustable voltage and current
Product News

Certain models of MEAN WELL LED drivers are available with either the facility to adjust the current / voltage outputs, or with MEAN WELL’s patented 3-in-1 dimming technology.

LED drivers for Solar LED Lights
Product News

One of the biggest challenges with installing outdoor lighting is access to power.

Running a 240VAC power supply to various locations can be expensive and not always practical, especially if the project is an upgrade of an existing outdoor space.

Motion sensor LED lighting
Product News

ADM stocks a nice simple solution from MEAN WELL to power and activate security LED lights.

DALI Dimmable LED Drivers
Product News

ADM stocks the MEAN WELL ELG Series LED drivers with a built in DALI interface.

Mean Well ELG Series LED Driver Dimming Wires
Installation Advice

Customers are being asked to take extra care when installing a MEAN WELL ELG-C Constant Current LED driver.

Product Change Notification
Product News

MEAN WELL has recently announced that the output frequency of the MEAN WELL PWM series LED drivers will change from 300HZ to 1.47KHZ.

Australian RCM Mark

In 2016 Australia introduced the new Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). This replaces both the Electrical Safety Approval number and the C-Tick.

Electrical approvals not recognised in Australia

Many Australian businesses make the decision to buy power supplies directly from overseas, rather than use an Australian based supplier.

LED lighting for Shop Fitters
Installation Advice

LED lighting is now used extensively in shop fittings. Generally speaking LED lighting is relatively simple to install, but there are a few things you should watch out for.

Electrolytic Capacitors in LED Drivers

We have been asked by some customers if the electrolytic capacitors used in MEAN WELL LED drivers shorten their lifespan. Mr David Wang of MEAN WELL explains why this is not the case.

Australian approved LED drivers

Many of our readers will already know that ADM has a strong commitment to educating our customers and the wider community about the importance of electrical safety approvals.

MEAN WELL LED Driver Timed Dimming
Product News

The new MEAN WELL ELG series LED drivers are available with a built in Timed Dimming function.

Industry News

Adelaide is one of the first Australian jurisdictions to trial smart street lighting in Australia, with the city undertaking a trial in Pirie Street. Take a look at the above video, from Adelaide City Council’s YouTube channel.

Control Freak SLAMMO
Industry News

Readers of ADM’s LED Power Insights bulletin will know how much ADM marvels at the high sophistication of LED products that are designed and built in Australia and sold globally.

C-Tick and RCM Mark

There have been some recent changes to Australia’s regulatory regime when it comes to EMC compliance and electrical safety.