TRIAC Dimmable LD Drivers
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ADM stocks a comprehensive range of dimmable LED drivers from reputible suppliers, such MEAN WELL and Power Source, all with Australian approvals.

Solving inrush current problems with LED drivers
Installation Advice

All switched mode power supplies have an inrush current rating, including LED drivers.

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The last day for public comment on the text of the proposed modified adoption of IEC 60598-2-3 is 20 May. Last year, Standards Australia announced that AS/NZS 1158.6 is to be split into two new documents.

Connecting a LED driver to a wall plate dimmer
Installation Advice

Most wall plate dimmers are either a leading, or trailing edge TRIAC dimmer. A particular type of LED driver is required that is compatible with this type of dimmer.

MEAN WELL LED Drivers in Stock
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The Power Source D1-10 is an analogue 1-10V dimmer that can be used with MEAN WELL 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 dimmable LED drivers.